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Hola from the North Shore Kooks!

Howdy amigos! Today the Salty Kooks are coming to you from the North Shore of O'ahu where the Triple Crown of Surfing Circus is in full swing. The waves have been absolutely pumping off their tits we're feeling super stoked to be able to visit such a beautiful and humbling place to see the worlds best surfers push the boundaries of progressive surfing. A big highlight was seeing Mick Fanning and John John Florence in the final out at Sunset. On top of that pretty much every pro under the sun is going wave for wave at pipe with all of the local surfers. Its crazy to think how some people spend their whole life surfing that place but never come close to mastering...

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On Saturday we went live with a radical fiesta at Studio 151 in the East Village, NYC and goddamn was it one hell of a party. We'd like to thank each and every one of the 300+ people that filtered through the heaving dancefloor or yelled at the overworked bartenders to celebrate like kooks. We can't wait to try and outdo that party with the next one. Tell your friends, tell your mum (mom), Salty Kooks is here! Yiew

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Bienvenido a Centro America

The Salty Kooks are following the snowbirds. And yeah, we scored. You can't ask for much more that uncrowded head high A-frames populated by you and your best mates while the ladies blend up some of the best frozen margaritas known to man. Wish you were here!  

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